100 days in Michigan: U-M group releases new research of state’s Medicaid expansion

Right out of a starting gate, Michigan’s enlargement of health coverage for a bad and near-poor binds lessons for other states that are still on a blockade about expanding their possess Medicaid programs underneath a Affordable Care Act, a new research shows.

In an essay in a New England Journal of Medicine, a group of University of Michigan Medical School researchers tell a initial research of a initial formula from a Healthy Michigan Plan, that launched this past April.

In a initial 100 days, a authors write, a devise enrolled 327,912 people with incomes next or only above a misery turn – violence projections for a whole initial year. Almost 80 percent of them hadn’t been enrolled in other state health programs for a poor. And 36 percent of those enrolled in a initial dual months had used their word to revisit a alloy or hospital by a finish of a fourth month.

The doing and rollout of a Healthy Michigan Plan, that stretched Medicaid during a time when both a administrator and a infancy of a state legislature are Republican, binds lessons for other “red” states, contend a researchers.

Led by John Ayanian, M.D., M.P.P., executive of a U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy