2nd house

September 2, 2014

Hi: My father in law has a revocable trust that has been in place 5 years. We are looking at placing him in a nursing home. He is presently in a rehab nursing home under Medicare. Twenty (20) days will expire the end of this week. He could go on thru day 100 under Medicare. However, he would have to cover his 20% of the charge and 80% will be paid by medicare. Then medicaid would have take over if approved.

We are in the process of applying for medicaid here in KS. He does have his house, and there is a 2nd house and an empty lot. No other assests. The questions being is that the intent was to transfer the house and lot into my husband and my name after he passed. We have lived/occupied, used/maintained, and paid any and all expenses including taxes on the 2nd house and lot since 1981. Will he be approved for Medicaid and some sort of spend down or disallow benefits and we have to sell our house or will they put a lien on the house and lot? It