Auto as a Non-Countable Assett

I bought your book about 6 months back and read that if you purchase a car the asset would not be counted as far as Medicaid is concerned, but I am having somewhat of a dilemma with this.

I recently purchased a car under my 85 year old mother’s name for this purpose. We live in NJ and my insurance broker has told me that the insurance companies won’t insure the vehicle unless it is registered in her name and she has a valid driver’s license. Registering it in her name is not a problem but she no longer has a valid license. I have checked several insurance companies and none will do it.

I can have the car title in my name as the Primary Owner and my mother as the Co-Owner, and then I can register it in my name and get the insurance. I would think that this would also keep the car out of probate. My mother cannot be the Primary Owner because it would then have to be registered in her name and then I am back to square one with no insurance. Will this work?