Burgess introduces check to dissolution SGR formula, safety Medicare integrity

Congressman Michael C. Burgess has introduced H.R. 1470, a “SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2015,”which repeals a Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) regulation and replaces it with a long-term tolerable plan. The bipartisan check is an critical enrichment in long-fought efforts to comprehensively remodel a Medicare complement in sequence to foster aloft peculiarity caring for seniors, physicians, and providers.

The legislation will forestall damaging cuts to Medicare providers that bluster seniors’ entrance to care. Ultimately, a agreement will safety Medicare’s firmness by putting an finish to dear year-by-year “patches,” and yield soundness to seniors with entrance to peculiarity caring they deserve.

“As a doctor, we know first-hand only how mortal a SGR regulation has been to America’s seniors and their providers,” Burgess said. “Finally, after forlorn swell in new years, both sides of a aisle have begun to know that a long-term solvency of a Medicare complement depends on holding this quarrel head-on together.

“Permanently repealing a SGR puts medical experts behind in assign of measuring peculiarity care, stamps out nonessential barriers between seniors and their doctors, and starts to residence a singular largest motorist of a debt. This is a transparent event to