Documents from doctor

I am preparing a short document for my doctor to sign.

I have lived in my mother’s home for over 10 years. I cared for her and kept her out of a nursing home for at least five years. She is now in a nursing home. There are no eldercare specialists lawyers in my small town. I have talked to two such lawyers in cities 30 miles distant. One told me to do the documents myself that the doctor is to sign. I would like to see similar documents.

I suppose I can come up with some wording, but it would be helpful to see similar documents.

Also: After reading about this on the internet mostly in Gabriel Heiser’s book but also on this site and other sites – – –

– I intend to make documents for neighbors and relatives to sign. I already had my mother sign a document that was notarized in her nursing home. A lawyer in my town who prepares many deeds looked at the document and said it may be suitable. He is not a eldercare specialist.

I read the book about eight months ago. I’m worried about acting fast enough.