evaluating/comparing state medicaid programs

The scenario:

My 76 yr old father was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He was admitted to a rehab facility in the state of Washington. The cost is currently covered by Medicare for his first 100 days but that will end in Feb ’14.

We expect he will continue to need LTC in a SNF upon discharge from the rehab facility. He has VA benefits and so I must determine whether his nursing home costs can be covered by his VA benefits but if not then he must apply for Medicaid.

We (his children) are located in three different states: Washington, Colorado, and Texas. We want him near one of us so we can oversee his care.

The question:

Is there an easy and quick way for me to determine which state’s program would be the most favorable to him?

I found a site that ranks all the state programs but I don’t know how useful those scores really are as it seems much depends on the specific scenario. I am concerned about making the wrong move and causing my father to be in a worse position.

I have ordered your book which is forthcoming but I feel