Gifting Home (did I put cart before horse)

I have lived with my mother for the last 10 years. Several years ago she suffered a couple of strokes and another brain disorder was discovered. Dementia is now getting worse. More than 2 years ago, it was apparent to other family members that if I were not living here she would be in a nursing home. She can still bathe and feed herself but confusion comes so quickly. She is left alone when I go to work until 3:30. But, family has to call her several times a day to check on her.

Fall of 2011 her neurologist and general doctor each gave me a letter stating that if I hadn’t been living with her for past 2 years she would have needed to be in a long term care facility.

During 2006 mom and dad (now deceased) gave me a quit claim deed to the home. I did not file this quit claim deed at court house until December 2011.

Question: Do you think I will be eligible for the Caretaker child exemption since quit claim has already been filed December 2011. I read in one post that “your parent can deed the