How will a Affordable Care Act impact cancer survivors?

In 2010, a sum cost of cancer caring in a United States reached $125 billion. Globally, a mercantile fee from cancer is scarcely 20 percent aloft than a heading means of death, heart disease. Cancer patients are also vital longer today, that is serve augmenting a cost of their continued care. As a health word exchanges have non-stop and exhilarated discuss about a Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues, many questions remain, including a $125 billion question: “How will a ACA impact a many costly disease: cancer?”

VCU Massey Cancer Center is now examining a effects of a ACA on cancer survivors. Scientists from Massey’s Cancer Prevention and Control investigate module are study a ACA’s impact on Medicaid-eligible populations, employment-based insurance, health advantage exchanges and reserve net providers.

The outcome of Medicaid expansions on cancer screening

In 2006, Massachusetts stretched a health word coverage to scarcely all residents of a state, apropos a process template for a ACA, that will enhance Medicaid coverage in many states. Massey researcher Lindsay Sabik, Ph.D., led