Increased risk of hospitalizations for seniors relocating to HCBS

Community and home-based caring are renouned and cost Medicaid reduction income than nursing home care, though a new investigate in a Journal of a American Geriatrics Society finds that seniors who left a nursing home for such services were 40 percent some-more expected to turn hospitalized for a potentially preventable reason than those who stayed in a nursing home.

Seniors wish larger entrance to home- and community-based long-term caring services. Medicaid policymakers have been happy to abet with new programs to assistance people pierce out of costly nursing homes and into cheaper village or home care. It seems like a “win-win” to perform seniors’ wishes while also saving Medicaid programs money, though a new investigate of such transitions in 7 states finds that a use resulted in a 40 percent larger risk of “potentially preventable” hospitalizations among seniors dually authorised for Medicaid and Medicare.

“We are perplexing to pierce people into a village and we consider that is a unequivocally good goal, though we aren’t indispensably providing a medical support services that are indispensable in a community,” pronounced Andrea