Is this a gift?

(01-06-2013 04:32 AM)Robert1838 Wrote:  Thank you for previous recent responses under the “home” topic. Another question in regard to my mother-in-law who will likely need long term care in not too many more years. She was widowed in April 2011 and she visited with each of her three grandchildren when they came to town for the funeral. Within a week of the service she fell victim to the fake grandson scam and made four wire transfers of $3,000 each for a total of $12,000 to Barcelona, Spain. This constituted about 1/3 of her cash assets. The store where she attempted to make the first transfer said it sounded like a scam and suggested she call a family member to verify. Rather than calling someone she went to another store where they did not question the transfers. She had spoken to her grandson less than a week earlier at the service, so she should have had doubts if he was in Barcelona, but she was sure she recognized her grandson’s voice on the phone. My question is whether the State of Colorado might consider these wire transfers to be gifts