Medical consultations for surgical patients examined amid remuneration changes

The use of medical consultations for surgical patients sundry widely opposite hospitals, generally among patients but complications, in a investigate of Medicare beneficiaries undergoing colectomy (to mislay all or partial of their colon) or sum hip deputy (THR).

Internists and medical subspecialists are frequently called on to consider surgical patients and to assistance conduct their care. As payers pierce toward bundled payments, hospitals need to improved know variations in use and resources used during studious care.

The authors examined sanatorium medical consultations for surgical patients, a factors that shabby their use and use movement opposite hospitals. The investigate used Medicare claims information for 91,684 patients who underwent colectomy during 930 hospitals and 339,319 patients who had THR during 1,589 hospitals from 2007 by 2010.

More than half of a patients undergoing colectomy or THR (69 percent and 63 percent, respectively) had during slightest one medical conference while hospitalized. The median series of deliberate visits was 9 for colectomy patients and 3 for THR. Hospital movement in a use of medical consultations was larger for colectomy patients but complications (47 percent – 79 percent) vs. among those with complications (90 percent – 95 percent). Hospital movement was identical for THR (36 percent – 87