MITA cites swell in a final Medicare coverage preference for beta amyloid PET, expresses beating in the slight scope

The Medical Imaging Technology Alliance (MITA) has released a following matter in response to a Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services’ (CMS) final preference to cover beta amyloid atom glimmer tomography (PET) imaging underneath coverage with justification growth (CED) for patients enrolled in an authorized clinical study.

“MITA appreciates CMS’s courtesy to a critical concerns lifted by a Alzheimer’s illness village about a initial breeze coverage preference and done swell in a final National Coverage Determination,” pronounced Gail Rodriguez, executive executive of MITA. “We are beholden that CMS has instituted a pathway to make beta amyloid PET accessible to some Medicare beneficiaries underneath singular circumstances.”

“However, we are unhappy that CMS will not yield coverage for beta amyloid PET imaging but CED to those Medicare beneficiaries with suspected insanity or Alzheimer’s illness who accommodate specific suitable use criteria,” Rodriguez continued. “MITA is committed to operative with CMS and their partners toward a substantive, possibly CED module for a purpose of well generating clinical justification that will support broader entrance for Medicare patients.

CMS’s preference memo records sufficient justification that a use of beta amyloid PET imaging is earnest in dual scenarios: (1) to exclude