Moving Medicaid Recipient from one state to another — and selling home. Help!

In a couple of months, I will be moving my 80 year old mother, who is currently on Medicaid in Tennessee and living at home, from Tennessee to California. I am in escrow now on the home I am moving her to, where she will live alone as her new primary residence. The goal is to keep her Medicaid-qualified as she transitions from TN to CA, as she is very low income ($900 / month) and cannot afford large doctor or hospital bills. It will probably take a few months to sell her house in Tennessee.

I have already had discussions with Medi-Cal staff and they said that enrolling her will not be a problem, as there is no waiting period for residence and her home in Tennessee will be an exempt (or non-available) asset so long as there is a listing agreement with a realtor as we are actively trying to sell the house. They will give us 9 months to sell the house. I have no idea if or whether Tennessee can attempt to place a lien on her home or attempt to recover what it has paid over the 7 or so years