People lacking word not expected to quit to obtain Medicaid coverage

Amidst a patchwork inlet of Medicaid enlargement in a U.S. underneath a Affordable Care Act (ACA), some have disturbed that low-income adults in states but stretched coverage competence pierce to states that have selected to enhance – so fixation a financial weight on those states. But a new Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) investigate finds small justification of such cross-state migration.

“Though many states have not opted in to a ACA Medicaid expansion, they might confirm to do so in a future. Our investigate can surprise these decisions by display what happened when states implemented identical open word expansions in a past. We found no justification that these states became supposed ‘welfare magnets,’ attracting low-income people from other states,” pronounced lead author Aaron Schwartz, a doctoral claimant in health process during Harvard.

The investigate was published in a Jan 2014 emanate of Health Affairs – and was one of several in a emanate co-authored by Harvard School of Public Health researchers. Other studies in a same emanate examined a hurdles and successes of accountable caring organizations and conflict-and-resolution