Permission to transfer home to disabled child

We received permission from Medicaid to transfer mother’s property to her disabled son. However, according to Ohio Administrative Code 5101 :1-39-07 F (1) , in order for a transfer to be considered for the sole benefit, the entity that receives or holds the transferred resource must, by explicit terms of a contract, trust or other instrument, be required to expend all of the transferred resources for the benefit of the individual during that individual’s life expectancy.
A quit claim deed is being prepared to transfer the property to her disabled son.

OAC also states, that when the contract, trust or other binding instrument does not contain such a requirement, the provisions governing the sole benefits do not apply. A transfer for the sole benefit in which there is a provision in the trust, contract or other binding instrument to expend all of the transferred resources may provide for other beneficiaries.

What is the proper way to address the these provisions? Do we need to prepare an contract to address the provisions along with the quit claim deed?

Thank you.