QIT for Colorado

I read your 2013 Medicaid Secretes chapter on QIT and found it to offer a better
explanation of the QIT than the rules/regs provided by the State or on the Declaration of Income Trust itself. Thank you!

I have a husband and a wife who have both just entered a LTC facility pending Medicaid approval. Both share 1 primary checking account where all gross income sources are deposited monthly. The husband is currently over income eligibility for LTC Medicaid by $100. The family has now set up a second account where they plan to redeposit their father’s gross income into and pay his nursing home expenses from each month, minus the $50 personal allowance and $20 maintenance fee.

Since the primary account will receive the gross income of both the husband and wife, will that transaction and the transferring of his gross income into a second account each month present any problems for the wife in qualifying for Medicaid?

Also, they have a mobile home property and vehicle the family would like to sell. Where can I find out more about the irrevocable insurance policy you mentioned in one of the chapters as