Repayment of gifts in FL, etc.

Hello. I have 2 questions if I may.

1. My elderly cousin made a large gift to me before entering an ALF and applying for Medicaid. She recently applied for Medicaid and has been “officially” denied. The reason listed on the DCF notice says “the value of your assets is too high for this program.”

Is this sufficient as a record for when the penalty period for gifting assets (almost 2 years at the current $6,880) runs out? It doesn’t mention the giving away of assets and it doesn’t calculate any kind of penalty period on the notice.

2. My second question has to do with a partial repaying of the gift to decrease the penalty time. In FL, do I have to repay the WHOLE gift for it to qualify as being returned? Or can every $6,880 given back deduct a month off the penalty period?

And what constitutes the “repayment?” If I pay for her Medicare Supplement, Part D program, out of pocket drug expenses, etc. does it count? If so, would her name have to be on the check or account used to pay for these? I mean