Research shows value of additional PET/CT scans in follow-up of lung cancer patients

PET/CT scans altered diagnosis in some-more than 28 percent of patients

New investigate from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine reveals a high value of scans that could lead to destiny change of payment policies for follow-up atom glimmer tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) studies in lung cancer. The study, featured in a Feb 2015 emanate of a Journal of Nuclear Medicine, establishes a value of fourth and successive follow-up PET/CT scans in clinical comment and government change in patients with a disease.

According to a American Lung Association, lung cancer is a heading cancer torpedo in both group and women in a United States. Approximately 402,326 Americans vital currently have been diagnosed with lung cancer. In 2014, diagnoses of an estimated 224,210 new cases of lung cancer were expected, representing about 13 percent of all cancer diagnoses.

In a retrospective study, a sum of 1,171 patients with biopsy-proven lung cancer who had atom glimmer tomography with a hot tracer (18F-FDG were identified during a singular tertiary core from 2001 to 2013. Among these, 85 patients (7.3%) had 4 or some-more follow adult PET/CT scans with a sum of 285 fourth and successive follow adult PET/CT scans. Median follow adult from a fourth indicate was 31.4