Revocble living trust and assets


My father n law is in nursing rehab at this time. He is close to day 20 and could go on to day 100. We would like to apply for medicaid to cover nursing home until his death if he is unable to come home.

However, his revocable trust does have a second house and empty lot as well as his personal house in the trust name. The problem is that my husband and I have lived in the 2nd house and have maintained, used and paid any and all expenses on house since 1981 as well as the empty lot taxes and any expenses. It is a family house and lot handed down and was to be deeded to us at the time of my father n law’s death. Now that we are in the process of applying for medicaid for him, at our age (close to retirement), we really are not situated to have to vacate our house, rent or buy something else after 33 years.

Am I right to assume that Medicaid will either force us to vacate and sell or put a lien on our house so when