Severe plumpness costs Medicaid $8 billion annually and rising

With 1 in 7 adults exceedingly obese, altogether medical costs reached an estimated $69 billion for obesity-related health issues.

Nearly 11 percent or $8 billion of a cost to provide serious plumpness was paid for by Medicaid in 2013, trimming from a low of $5 million in Wyoming to $1.3 billion in California. Research led by Y. Claire Wang, ScD, associate highbrow of Health Policy and Management during Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, predicts these costs will usually grow as Medicaid eligibility is extended to some-more people following a doing of a Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. To delayed down a arise in obesity-related medical costs, states should concentration on identifying effective plumpness impediment and diagnosis services, safeguard entrance for those who are Medicaid-eligible, and embody plumpness in process discussions around state Medicaid expansions. Findings are published in a Nov emanate of a journal Health Affairs.

Wang, who is also co-director of a Mailman School’s Obesity Prevention Initiative, estimates that of 81.5 million portly adults, 33.7 million, or 41 percent, had serious plumpness in 2013. That year, serious plumpness was compared with $69 billion in sum medical costs opposite all payers. Medicaid enlargement underneath a Affordable Care Act requires state