Special Needs Trust

I am in South Carolina. My father was in a VA nursing home and broke his hip and leg. This required surgery and several weeks of rehab. We couldn’t afford the $216.00 per day fee to hold my father’s bed at the VA until he could get out of the hospital and rehab, so we had to give his bed to someone else. Now. we are on the waiting list for readmission back into the VA nursing home, only because that is the only one we can afford, ($1150.00 per month plus medicines).

From reading your book (http://www.MedicaidSecrets.com), the only option that we have at this point (unless I have missed something), is getting a special needs trust. We do qualify as my sister is 52 years old and disabled per Social Security and lives in the home with my parents. All their savings has been exhausted and they are living month to month on Social Security and a small pension.

The problem with getting my father on Medicaid is some rental mobile homes that they have. I have tried selling them, but banks won’t loan money on these older