Study finds no health drawbacks to veterans’ twin use of VA, Medicare Advantage

Duplicate sovereign spending still a concern, says investigate of some-more than 6,600 veterans

In a investigate that looked during a handful of peculiarity measures for ongoing illness care, veterans who used both Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) caring and a Medicare Advantage devise during 2008 or 2009 did no improved or worse than those who used usually VA care.

That’s a crux of investigate on some-more than 6,600 older, chronically ill veterans who were enrolled in both sovereign health systems. The investigate seemed online in a biography Health Services Research.

The researchers complicated a emanate since of concerns that twin enrollment might lead to feeble concurrent medical care, as good as transcribe taxpayer spending.

“Although twin use does not seem to have any disastrous impact on peculiarity of care, we found no justification that it improves a peculiarity of caring veterans are getting. That indicate needs to be deliberate in light of a transcribe sovereign spending that comes along with twin enrollment,” says Dr. Amal Trivedi, comparison author on a study.

Trivedi is a medicine and health services researcher during a Providence VA Medical Center and Brown University. He and lead author Dr. Alicia Cooper, who is with a state of Vermont, collaborated with researchers