The Affordable Care Act in Kentucky, one year later

One year ago, Michael Stillman, M.D., and his colleague, Monalisa Tailor, M.D., both physicians with a University of Louisville Department of Medicine, wrote a New England Journal of Medicine “Perspective” essay about “Tommy Davis,” their pseudonym-named studious who behind saying a alloy since he lacked health insurance.

After spending a year experiencing serious abdominal pain and other symptoms, Davis finally sought caring in a puncture room. The diagnosis? Metastatic colon cancer.

“If we’d found it sooner,” Davis pronounced to a physicians, “it would have done a difference. But now I’m only a passed male walking,” a word so evocative, a physicians chose it as a title of their article.

Today, however, Stillman and his colleagues are witnessing what another of his patients terms a “sea change in health care” since of a thoroughfare and doing of a Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Kentucky.

Stillman has authored a follow-up “Perspective” essay in a New England Journal of Medicine this week online that records a changes brought about by a ACA and Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear’s preference to accept sovereign appropriation for Medicaid enlargement that a act brought about.

One year later, a ACA rollout in Kentucky has been a success, he says. “…Our Commonwealth’s adults –