UC Davis researcher advocates finale Medicare coverage of argumentative mammography tool

A dear apparatus used on scarcely all mammograms does not boost cancer showing rates and should no longer be lonesome by Medicare, argues Joshua Fenton, a family medicine and analogous efficacy researcher in an editorial published online in a Journal of a American Medical Association Internal Medicine.

Fenton’s editorial responds to a investigate published in a same emanate that announces commentary from a largest investigate ever on computer-aided showing (CAD), a apparatus authorized by a Food and Drug Administration scarcely 20 years to assistance radiologists appreciate screening mammograms by automatically imprinting potentially questionable spots for serve radiological review.

The investigate was led by Constance D. Lehman, now executive of breast imaging and co-director of a Avon Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center during Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, who conducted a investigate while during a University of Washington in Seattle. UC Davis Dean’s Professor in Biostatistics Diana Miglioretti was comparison author on a study, that found that a device used with mammography did not urge a correctness of diagnosis, and that the use might in fact outcome in missed cancers.

“The investigate by Lehman, et al. provides justification that CAD yields no transparent advantages in a large, different U.S. representation of women undergoing digital mammography,”