Medicaid Applications / Applying for Medicaid in Florida

Medicaid Applications in Florida

Medicaid is the federal partnership program that provides medical assistance and coverage to low income families in need. The application for medicaid in florida is determined by either the Department for Children and Families, or the or the Social Security Administration. Both of these agencies will play a role in determining whether or not you and or your family members will be eligible to apply for Medicaid benefits.

FHI has upgraded to streamline the process for all during the Florida Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period and beyond.

There are certain limits on the income that a family may have in order to qualify for Medicaid in Florida. If a family exceeds this level, then they will not be eligible for the Florida medicaid applications. If a family becomes eligible after a tax year, then they will then be able to submit their application for medicaid in Florida. Only children up to the age of 18 and their primary parents or caregivers will be eligible to receive the Medicaid benefit. This benefit cannot be passed to another person outside of your family, or to another relative who is not directly involved in the raising and provision of the child in question.

FL medicaid applications can also be accepted for individuals who are pregnant or who are aged or disabled. These individuals may be unable to work and unable to provide adequate medical coverage for themselves. In these instances, these persons may submit the application for medicaid in FL, and it will be evaluated for them.

Once a medicaid application has been accepted the state of Florida will issue a permanent Medicaid gold card. This card will need to be presented whenever you go first to see a medical professional. Once the medical professional sees your card they will be able to issue you medical coverage under your medical benefit.

The cost of the coverage under your medicaid benefit will vary depending on the service that is being rendered. medicaid will cover its portion and you as the patient may still be responsible for some costs involving your medical procedure. You should also check with your medicaid office before having any serious surgery; just to make sure that it will be covered under your medicaid plan.


There are several Florida Medicaid programs that provide services to individuals residing at home and/or pays for individuals residing in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

The applicant must meet certain medical and financial criteria, and must be a citizen or resident alien. The rules are different for single people than for married people.

Your homestead is exempt up to $500,000 in Florida (there is no limit if your spouse is living in the home).

Most people who are eligible for FL Medicaid have to reduce their assets first. There are rules about what is counted as an asset and what isn’t when determining Medicaid eligibility. There are also rules that require states to allow married couples to protect a certain amount of assets and income when one of them is in an institution (like a nursing home) and one isn’t.

Florida Medicaid

  • Not all providers accept Medicaid.
  • Not all services are covered by Medicaid.
  • Some limitations may apply to covered services.
  • Providers that choose to accept Medicaid must accept Medicaid payment as payment in full. (This does not include copayments and coinsurance.)
  • Medicaid has a set fee for each individual type of service and procedure.
  • Providers cannot bill the beneficiary for any amount in excess of Medicaid payment, other than Medicaid copays and coinsurance.
  • Medicaid payments are made directly to the provider, not to the beneficiary.

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