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Medicaid Applications in New Jersey

Medicaid in NJ is a program that is designed to provide medical care and coverage for families who are in need of medical coverage because they cannot afford it based on their income. In short, it s a low income medical coverage provided by a combination of the federal and state governments. The medicaid program will cover a child until they are age 18 through their parents or primary caregiver. The applications are typically done in your home state through the state department. NJ Medicare

In the state of New Jersey medicaid applications are accepted and managed through the Department of Human Services Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services. This department will be able to answer any specific questions you have about your application for medicaid in New Jersey. In general, there are many different types of people who will qualify for medicaid coverage. If you are in a low income situation and you are under 18, then you should qualify. If you are pregnant and in a low income situation according to the state of New Jersey, then you should qualify. Also, if you are aged or disabled and you live in the state of New Jersey, then you may also qualify.

NJ medicaid applications may only be accepted from people who are uninsured and who are citizens or legal immigrants in the United States. There are however, always exceptions, so please check with the New Jersey Department of Human Services for your specific scenario. The application for medicaid in NJ can be done online through the Department of Human Services website. The application will be routed to a case worker who will contact you regarding your application and walk you through the completion steps.

They will also schedule your initial interview that will gauge the type of insurance you receive, and whether or not you will get to receive any benefit at all. It is always best to never falsify information on your medicaid application. This will result in your application being denied, and potential legal action. The medicaid system is designed for needy people, and can provide an excellent benefit to deserving individuals.


Medicaid in NJ can pay for medical services in your own home or if you live in a residential care facility that takes Medicaid residents.

James E. De Martino is licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey. Their practice is limited to estate planning, long-term care planning, and NJ Medicaid asset protection. They make housecalls to places of residence, hospitals and long term care facilities. They cover most areas of West Jersey, Central Jersey and North Jersey.

NJ Medicaid

Medicaid in New Jersey provides health insurance to parents/caretakers and dependant children, pregnant women, and people who are aged, blind or disabled. These programs pay for hospital services, doctor visits, prescriptions, nursing home care and other healthcare needs, depending on what program a person is eligible for.

To be eligible for New Jersey Medicaid, a person must:

  • be a resident of New Jersey
  • be a U.S. Citizen or qualified alient (most immigrants who arrive after August 22, 1996 are barred from Medicaid for five years, but not from NJ FamilyCare and certain programs for pregnant women)
  • meet specific standards for financial income and resources

You need to demonstrate the need for nursing home care ( not being able to manage in a home environment, requiring assistance with activity of daily living skills for more than 2.5 hours per day) and you need to meet the strict financial requirements established by the state.

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