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Medicaid Applications in New York

Medicaid in New York is simply defined as a program for people who cannot afford to pay for their health, well being, and medical needs. People in this situation should submit an application for medicaid in New York through the Department of Health. The application can be submitted online, through their website, and it generally followed up on by a case worker.

This case worker will walk you through completing your New York medicaid application and answer any questions that you may have about the process. Because the application can be time consuming, your online application will give you the flexibility to begin the application on one day, and come back to finish it another day.

The application for medicaid in NY follows a strict set of income requirements. This means that your application will be judged based on the income levels that you have, and how many people are in your family. When you complete this information you will need to have verification of your new monthly income as well as the number of people in your household, that are fully supported by that income. This will give you a very good idea of the level of service that you can expect to receive.

If you are interested on where you stand regarding this income level, you can check the chart on the New York Department of Health website. The simple table will give you the best information on your potential eligibility for medicaid coverage in the state of New York.

There are many services that are covered under the medicaid plan. Once again, your first step will be to complete the NY medical application and then once your application in accepted, you will be able to receive your benefits. Your medicaid coverage will include all of your doctor visits from a doctor that participates in the medicaid coverage plan and accepts medicaid payments. Your medicaid coverage will also include prenatal care for women who are pregnant. The coverage will include clinic sessions, family planning services, and care in a nursing home. Al of these benefits are provided to you, once you are accepted into the NY medicaid program.

You can apply for Medicaid in any one of the following ways: Write, phone, or go to your local department of social services.

In New York City, contact the Human Resources Administration by calling (718) 557-1399. Residents of the five boroughs of New York City may call toll free at 1-877-472-8411.

Pregnant women and children can apply at many clinics, hospitals, and Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP) offices. Call your local department of social services to find out where you can apply.

If you are in a facility operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health, contact the patient resource office.

If you are in a facility certified by the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, contact the revenue and reimbursement office.

When I go for my application interview, what should I take with me?

  • Proof of age, like a birth certificate
  • Proof of citizenship or alien status*
  • Recent paycheck stubs (if you are working)
  • Proof of your income from sources like Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veteran’s Benefits (VA), retirement
  • Any bank books and insurance policies that you may have
  • Proof of where you live, like a rent receipt or landlord statement
  • Insurance benefit card or the policy (if you have any other health insurance)
  • Medicare Benefit Card


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