Not sure if we transferred house legally, based upon Medicaid rules

My family moved in with my parents about 6 years ago, to help take care of my dad. My mom had to go to work to help pay health insurance. In 2009 my parents were at risk of losing their home for back taxes. They signed the house over to me so I could get a home equity loan to pay off real estate taxes for this house and two other properties (one in which we have paid them back for but never transferred the deed to our own name).

I am wondering–since it has only been two years–can Medicaid use this house to disqualify my parents or can we do something, since they were at risk of losing it from back taxes? On the loan it indicates a way to pay parents’ taxes.

Also is there a way to get the other properties in our name legally since they were at risk also?

I have also lived in and taken care of the property since we moved in. One lawyer said I need to file something on my taxes claiming the money it took to take care of them.

Sorry for all the questions, but my mom is now in