Primary health networks contingency not be used to allotment health caring for patients, Australia

The AMA has expelled a Position Statement on Primary Health Networks (PHNs) 2015, that replaces a AMA Position Statement on Medicare Locals 2011.

AMA Vice President, Dr Stephen Parnis, pronounced a AMA supports a need for an overarching structure of Primary Health Care Organisations (PHCOs) such as Medicare Locals or Primary Health Networks (PHNs), though they should not turn agencies for rationing health appropriation or devolving a Federal Government’s core primary health caring responsibilities.

“PHNs have an critical purpose to play in improving a formation of health services within primary health care, enhancing a interface between primary caring and hospitals, and ensuring health services are tailored to a needs of internal communities,” Dr Parnis said.

“They have a intensity to have a clever impact on aged caring services, mental health outcomes, ongoing illness management, Indigenous health services, and services for a disadvantaged.

“The AMA believes that, as good as carrying a clever concentration on ancillary ubiquitous practice, a PHNs should work to brand and residence gaps in internal and informal health caring services.

“PHNs should concentration on race health, building ubiquitous use capacity, and enchanting with Local Hospital Networks or Districts to safeguard there is smoothness of care.

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